Due to the strong connection to the dog breed of the same name, it was obvious to found the music label in 2000 under the name Amstaff. The distinctive dog logo (an American Stafford) serves as a figurehead for this.

From the very beginning, the values of an Amstaff, a heroic, powerful and robust exterior, have also played a very important role in the design of the brand.

It has always been the goal to express these characteristics through an established fashion label, so that parallel to the music business, new collections have appeared again and again. In these collections, the close connection to the Berlin street became apparent early on.

Due to the rapid increase in demand for our clothes, we focused more and more on producing textiles, so that releasing music became more of a side business.

This ultimately resulted in the company Amstaff Wear GmbH, which is limited exclusively to the production and distribution of the brand's own textiles and is an independent company.

The basis and inspiration for the collections is the lifestyle of the streets of our capital. Through a skillful combination of streetwear and sportswear, as well as following the latest trends, Amstaff continuously creates stylish clothes; always under the condition to remain true to the street.

The recipe of unusual designs and top quality has made us a permanent fixture in the German streewear scene.